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      BTE is an expert in Global Sourcing, Product Development, Production, and Sales 

​Who we are: 

  • Production and Design agency in that works with clients based in the United States.

  • Offices in NYC, IST, HK, and Antwerp with currently 25 employees that work with clients to deliver design, sampling, production, and shipment of goods.

The Perfect Synergy Between Brands & Manufacturers

Bring your idea to life with full package product development, production, and manufacturing management custom tailored to you and your vision.

Our consultants help Brands rethink strategy and optimize operations to meet the changing demands of consumers, production, and supply networks. Our consulting team specializes in ever form of Textiles weather its apparel or soft goods, our team brings decades of experience with major-brand clients.


Consumers have responded to the pandemic by shifting to value, buying online, and breaking longtime loyalties to try new brands that meet new priorities. We help you respond to this consumer-driven environment, finding bold ways to reduce cost so you can invest in essential digital capabilities.


Taking a broad view of your core business and supply chain, we partner with you to identify the right use cases, first proving the benefits before transforming a specific customer experience or operational process—covering brand, product, pricing, store concept, and store execution.

Outsourced Covers All Of Your Needs

With us, you'll have access to a full range of services. From sourcing trims and raw materials to designing patterns, selecting colors, and hand securing manufacturers to make your product and apparel designs come to life.

We Bridge The Gap To Cost-Effective & Time-Efficient Solutions

At Outsourced Fashion Consulting, we offer full-package apparel production management and product development services as well as freelance services, all designed to bring your unique vision to life. We synchronize with your needs to deliver exceptional quality, efficient lead times, and cost-effectiveness. Partner with us to take your fashion business to the next level!

Product Development

We’ll do everything from sourcing raw materials to approving final samples based on your feedback. Includes:

- Tech packs (if needed)

- Pattern creation and pre-production pattern

- Fit notes

- Lab dips (if applicable)

- Two rounds of samples

Apparel Production Management

We’ll handle all stages of the production process so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Includes:

- Cut-Make-Trim (CMT)

- Weekly reports

- Garment washing & drying

- Screen printing and embroidery

- Production pattern, marking, and grading

- Packaging

Sourcing, Design, & Strategy Consulting

Lean on us to provide a customized strategy based on your needs. With our wealth of expertise in the industry, we have the ability to determine what will work best to support your brand.


- Trims (laces, cords, patches, labels, hang tags, buttons, zippers, etc.)

- Accessories (hats, socks, sock sleeves, bandanas)

- Fabric

- Blanks (hoodies, sweatpants, sweat shorts, crewnecks, t-shirts, Towels, Bedding, Tabletop)


- Pattern Making

- Tech Packs

- Marking and Grading

- Graphic Design

Strategy Consulting:

- Setting up new processes and procedures

- Training personnel

- Streamlining production processes

- Strategy implementation

Full Package Domestic & Overseas Manufacturing

We vetted and developed strong relationships with factories all over Los Angeles and overseas in Colombia, Peru, and China. Our Domestic partners have a wealth of experience, produce high-quality products, and have low minimums. Our international partners have over 40 years of experience working with major brands. They have impeccable quality and their lead times are unmatched.

We pride ourselves in establishing a relationship-first approach. Since every brand’s vision is unique, we provide free consultations to discuss your specific needs so that we can provide a custom quote.

What we do: 

  • Our specific work with clients include:

    • Build relationships with brands that trust my knowledge of current trends and customer profile.

    • Direct appropriate product development direction supports each brand's lifestyle, is trend right and is salable.

    • Graphic design and line-sheet services.

    • Coordinate presentation materials for line previews and buy meetings.

    • Travel Europe/Asia to identify emerging themes and new inspirations. (Create full forecast reports) shopping the trend/retail market seeking design inspiration (materials, fashion, color, trade shows).

    • Deep knowledge on sourcing markets: Eastern Asia, Middle East, Europe and Turkey. In categories such as soft goods, textiles, garments, wovens, knits, menswear, swimwear, home textiles and home accessories products.

    • Plan and execute a supply chain strategy.

    • Costing: first proto through final costing; including costing reviews and re-engineering styles.

    • Oversee directly time and action calendars to ensure timely completion of prototypes, sample line and bulk production.

    • Support directly the resolution of all garment related issues.

    • Oversee directly QC at time of sampling and production.

    • Recent launch of 100% Organic baby and kids brand KIDENTIAL

    • 2022-2023 clients:  Boston Proper, The Dopple baby and Kids, Trukolors, Good Alma, Grey Cloud, Disney Licensed Toys, Warner Bros Licensed Toys, Orvis License Pets. 

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