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            Why Organic? 

OUR Organic cotton is produced in Turkey and is cotton that is grown without insecticide or pesticide. Worldwide, cotton is a pesticide-intensive crop, using approximately 25% of the world's insecticides and 10% of the world's pesticides. Organic agriculture uses methods that are ecological, economical, and socially sustainable and denies the use of agrochemicals and artificial fertilizers.

Instead, organic agriculture uses crop rotation, the growing of different crops than cotton in alternative years.

The use of insecticides is prohibited; organic agriculture uses natural enemies to suppress harmful insects.

Organic agriculture prohibits the use of toxic and persistent chemical pesticides and fertilizers, as well as genetically modified organisms. It seeks to build biologically diverse agricultural systems, replenish and maintain soil fertility, and promote a healthy environment. 

Cotton is one of the softest and breathable natural fabrics, making it perfect material for children’s clothing. Unlike synthetic material, the fibers in organic cotton provide easy ventilation and can absorb up to one-fifth of its weight before feeling damp. It’s also extremely durable and will withstand many washes. 

One t-shirt made from conventionally grown cotton requires 2,700 liters of water. 

OUR Certificates: BSCI, REACH, OEKO-TEX, GOT (global organic textile standard), BLUESIGN 

Our products are made with respect for people and the planet. Ethically produced, made to last, designed and manufactured in Turkey with the management of Tules our creator. 

Our dyes and non chemical dyes and our fabrics are certified 100% organic. 

Our production has 91% reduced water consumption. 

80% of our organic cotton is rainfed. 

Our cotton is grown in techniques such as composting and crop rotation that makes the soil more absorbent, increasing the effectiveness of water usage so less is needed. 

ZERO toxic pesticides to keep our workers healthier and farm communities due to absence of toxic chemicals. 

46% lower global warming potential 

62% lower energy use 

60% lower greenhouse gas emissions 

WE only use cotton grown in organic fair trade farms by small-scale farmers in Turkey

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